Friday, October 24, 2008

Who's who in Cuban politics?

Who's Who is an excellent study that Julio Aleaga delivered to me, and whom I called when I decided to start up this blog to ask permission to publish it.

I find it extremely useful for researchers and specialists in Cuban affairs and politics in general, but also for people like me who don't have the slightest idea who anybody in the country is.

I'm sharing here the main information of what the work itself is about. To obtain the document, I've included the link to download it, in Word format.


This research is about active Cuban politicians in Cuba in order to cover the absence of information on political topics and its "actors" in the country.
This research is another short and humble step in the historical reconstruction of the long march for restoration of democracy, thanks primarily to the way the previous research progressed.
As the fundamental pillar of the country, one wants to institute tolerance and the building of a consensus that includes all Cuban citizens, those involved in politics and those who transcend it, with no ideological boundaries.
Due to the complexity of the Cuban political scene, there will appear in this compendium titles of professions that do not exist in democratic countries, as classic political definitions. In our case, many of these titles have special meanings that are configured for civil and humanistic political projects. So to widen the vision they include independent journalists and librarians; intellectuals; women working for the freedom of their loved ones; civil society leaders; and opposition political movements and parties, the largest of which has no more than five-thousand members throughout the country.
Also considered and included in this compendium are the members of the Communist Party of Cuba, such as the Deputies of the People's National Assembly, and members of the State Councils and Ministries.
The only requirement to appear in the original research is to live here and participate in politics.


- Research on prominent Cuban citizens that participate in politics.

- To clearly state aspects of interest about Cuban citizens who reside in Cuba and who participate in politics.

- Up-to-date information on Cuban citizens residing in Cuba and who participate in politics.

- To provide a tool for researchers and scholars about the political reality of the end of the Castro regime.

Download Who's Who in Cuban Politics here.

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