Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Agency of Rock (small urban anecdotes)

The Agencia del Rock [Agency of Rock] has had a meeting to present the New Freak Statutes. Among the more colorful “guidelines” we find:

- Don’t say bad words.
- No public nudity.
- Don’t conduct yourself in an indecent manner.
- Don’t invite banned groups to play at concerts.

It seems like a joke but it’s not. The best are the anecdotes about what happened when Yuri (president of the agency of the rock, but for more information listen to the song “El Agente Yuro” by Porno Para Ricardo) finished reading.
Juan Carlos of Combat Noise, asked what might happen if it was decided to invite PPR to play. From which ensued the apparent hysterics of the president who, at the mere mention of the word Porno…, appeared to suffer a colapsus mentis.
Then came the famous case of Zeus, whose lead vocalist decided the ban on nudity surely didn’t cover taking off his pants, and he took them off at a full concert at the brand new Maxi Rock, with a corresponding Freak Warning Letter threatening him with expulsion from the Agency.
And so we go.

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