Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are we on red alert?

Photo of poster: OLPL

I return to the posters, I can’t help it; this one is glued to the window of “The Polynesian” restaurant in the basement of the “Habana Libre” hotel. I think it shows clearly the objectives the Cuban government has for us. It’s one of the most extreme public signs I’ve read and I think marks a new sentiment in the so-called “Battle of Ideas.” The militaristic and alarming tone of its statements make me wonder if we’re at war and against whom; where does it come from, the philosophy that tells me that I, as a citizen, must destroy, kill, annihilate, sacrifice, die, command, direct and obey. It reminds me of the documentaries I’ve seen of the 1960s where people were shouting, “To the Wall!” and Cubans were arrested by other Cubans, like scum.

Maybe it’s a little sad for all those who still hope for changes, to see that these are the new reforms that are planned; and despite its proven failure, this is still the “new man” of the Cuban Revolution.

I transcribe here the entire text of the poster, in case you can’t read it from the photo.

- The words surrender and defeat are completely erased from our revolutionary terminology.
- A revolutionary must surrender to the enemy and continue to fight until death if necessary.
- Every revolutionary should think, particularly when he isolated: The revolution is me! And continue the fight without waiting for guidance from others.
- We will have to defend every inch of our soil.
- Causing the greatest possible number of casualties on the active enemy forces is our main goal.
- Keep the fighting spirit, for huge and painful sacrifices are required to win the day.
- The final victory will be ours, through the difficult circumstances in which the fight takes place.
- In every military and political leader of any level, in every soldier, every man in the village, there is a potential Commander-in-Chief who knows what to do, and in each particular situation each one may become his own Commander-in-Chief.
- A fighter is like a powerful army and no cause will be lost.
- Create the belief that people will never be ruled by any foreign power nor by the counterrevolution.

Graffiti, at 23rd and 12th, behind the Monument of the Socialist Declaration of the Revolution.

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