Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moderating Comments

There’s nothing better than a new day to demonstrate that our decisions are not infallible.  I’ve been watching my own evolution with respect to the moderation of comments. First I swore I did not want to moderate them. Then that I would like to but I could not. And now, that I will, as I have found a way to do it through a friend.

I recently wrote that all I knew about my political leanings was that I was not a communist; thanks to the comments on Octavo Cerco I have discovered that I am not an anarchist. Little by little one comes to find oneself.

I have spent several days trying to flesh out the rules for the forum, and here they are.  Any suggestions, of course, are welcome.
  • Every commentator is responsible for his comments (even if he is a G2 agent and is following orders. Sadly, now with moderation, some will become “dispensable”).
  • Comments entirely in capital letters will be erased. In the language of cyberspace that means you are shouting and my blog is not a platform for virtual repudiation rallies.
  • Any offensive or insulting comments, or threats against other commentators, will be erased (exercising your right to privacy, do not publicly strip the skin off of others).
 Comments that incite violence will be erased (my resistance is peaceful, if you want to rise up in the Sierra Maestra open your own blog before you take off for Pico Turquino).
  • Comments that contain more than two links will be moderated to prevent spam.
  • Repetitive comments will be erased (it’s bad enough with Granma having to read the same thing over and over again).

  • Comments that usurp someone else’s identity will be erased (I do not care for aspiring secret agents).
  • Comments that do not use the Roman alphabet will be erased (even if I could translate them, it takes too long).
I think that’s it and I hope you can live with it.

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