Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orlando's Citation (updated)

So... I'll see you in Luyanó

Text by Orlando: At soap opera time, so that no doubt remains about our mutual and mute aptitude for dialogue, just like I found out from a rumor that settled on and unsettled the Cuban literary camp. I will attend with black pieces, time constraints and with an amateur ELO to calculate the relative skill levels of the players.

The closing of the day

After 5 hours of a supposed “interview,” I would classify this interrogation as a convince-ogation: what was sought was to convince Orlando to sign an Official Warning (placed in spite of the refusal of the accused to sign it) for having published in Lunes de Postrevolución his columns relating to the Cuban flag.

I close this post and this sad day with a paragraph from Words to the Intellectuals, by Fidel Castro:

“Does this mean that we are going to tell the people here what they have to write? No. Let everyone write what he wants to, and if what he writes is no good, it doesn't matter. If what he paints is no good, it doesn't matter. We are not forbidding anyone to write on the subject that he prefers. On the contrary. And everyone should express himself in the manner which he believes proper, and express the idea that he wants to express. We shall always evaluate their creation through the prism of the revolutionary crystal. This also is a right, one of the Revolutionary Government, and one to be respected as much as the right of everyone to express what he wishes to express.”

Translation of the Summons:

Official Summons

By this notice is announced the official summons of citizen ORLANDO LUIS PARDO LAZO neighbor of FONTS #125 BETWEEN RAFAEL DE CARDENAS AND 11th STREET, LAWTON, 10TH OF OCTOBER, CITY OF HAVANA to present himself on MARCH 25, 2009 at 3:00 PM before the official MY. ARIEL GARCIA PEREZ, with the objective of BEING INTERVIEWED.

Failure to attend this summons may be fined as provided in the established criminal code.

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Leo said...

I wonder in what year that usurper wrote such a joke ,maybe when he was losing his mind, or perhaps when he was young and craved power through any means...including lying to a whole generation.