Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project Summary

Photo: Claudio Fuentes Madan

Taken from the saga: The Ciro versus The State Security

It’s been sometime since I wrote because after 30 years of a bloody battle against G2 I’ve now dedicated myself to the peaceful struggle. Now I am only going to do pro-democracy civic projects and I’ll collect some signatures and some votes.

My first project is titled Project Summary and has only one premise (or whatever you’d like to call that thing). To continue, I state it:

Communism is a prick!!!

You may vote in the righthand column of the blog, “Yes” (if you agree) or “Don’t know” (if you haven’t lived under communism). In the viewer below you can see how the vote is going.

Thank you,


PS: We have implemented a plugin so that the "Don’t know" answers cannot exceed 137 votes. So if you see in the viewer that "Don’t know" has reached 137 don’t bother to choose it because your vote won’t be registered and so that you can see I'm good, I’m going to give 137 votes to “Don’t know” before starting the voting.

PPS: For technical reasons I haven't been able to fix the votes at 137, so the survey has turned out to be much more democratic than I wanted.


Anonymous said...

Aloha from Hawai'i! I have never lived under a communist system but I see that most (all?) seem to be run by one person or a small group of people even though the "people" are supposed to be in charge.

The U.S. capitalism has not worked well either. Although we theoretically live under a democracy, the multinational corporations (and on the local level whatever big developer exists) run everything by using their money to influence elections and officials.

So I'm wondering if it is not the economic system but tendency of people with a lot of money or power to want to dominate and use the rest of us.

They just dress it up as communism or capitalism.

Sebastian said...

Hello from Poland - I lived under communism (socialism, they called it) only first 7 years of my life, but still, what I remember and what parents tell me about it is all the worst.

We have capitalism for 20 years now in Poland, and no matter how big crisis it is right now (in Poland it isn't too big), it is 100 times better than communism.

For example - I have asthma, and I need medicaments to live (only a few times in a year, but still). So in communism that medicaments can only be imported from foreign countries, and it was very difficult and expansive to get them. Some man who didn't really give a shit about me decided if I can have my medicaments imported this time. And it was mainly bribe and social connections that persuaded him. Now I can just go to the shop and buy that medicaments. No questions asked, no problems. And they are cheaper, too.

PS - it's often easy to say capitalism isn't really better than communism, because there are still people who rules. I think this is simplistic view. Most people from capitalistic countries just can't imagine all consequences of living in a country, where somebody can do anything he wants to you, just because.