Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Virtual Island Contest

At some point I stopped looking at the on line voting in the A Virtual Island blog contest because it was making me nervous My winning the popularity prize [from readers’ votes] of the first blog contest held within the island is the king of thing that I plan, without a doubt, to tell my grandchildren.

I am very happy and thank all the readers who voted for Octavo Cerco. If we could turn back the hand of time and I was 8 years old and in the fifth grade, there would be no possible way to convince my classmates that one day I would win something related to popularity; if I had told myself that two years ago, even less.

Soon we will have the jury results, on 09.09.09, from this small space of Internet in an island without Internet: Good luck to all the contestants, congratulations to all the organizers (especially to Yoani Sánchez) and a thousand thanks to the readers, without whom none of this would make sense.

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Anonymous said...

Te felicito! Mereces mucho el premio.