Saturday, November 14, 2009

This comic is not fiction.

And meanwhile, the march was beginning...
Help me Lunes, the security agents are attacking us.
I can't, they have me trapped.
Those fuckers. They've overpowered us and are forcing us into their cars.
I am tweeting, I am tweeting.
Respect our constitutional rights! Identify yourselves!

They're arresting us.
HELP!! This is a kidnapping.
Don't you touch him.
Get in the car!!
They're counterrevolutionaries.

This is a mistake. Release Yoani.
Pardo, don't record!
Those are my glasses.
We are all Yoani Sanchez!!

And they pushed our heads to the floor.
Inside the car of the security agents.
And they hit us and they squeezed our necks.
Tell Yoani to shut up!!
Agent Rodney sickened us in the patrol car.
Claudia turn off the phone!!

No more violence, I'm just a blogger.

By Silvia C.

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