Saturday, March 6, 2010

They Swore an Oath

Photo: Lia Villares

After six years of study they received a title and swore an oath. An oath written centuries ago by Hippocrates, immortalizing ethics. They promised, and we trust our lives to them, our intimacy, our weaknesses and our illnesses: they, then, try to heal us.

When the laws of a country are not respected by its own government, the rights of citizens are crushed like flies by the power; lawlessness becomes a necessity to survive, dissent is a crime and freedom of speech is an offense; we must have the honor and courage to maintain our principles beyond the social debacle.

That a doctor would speak of the weakness or illness of a patient is an indecency, but to come to the point of discrediting a patient and lying about their condition is a crime. Anyone who calls themselves a doctor and who, in front of a camera, breaks the promise they once made, the universal commitment, part of medical history, which they once took upon themselves, this is a disgrace to their career and to themselves.

Their hands should tremble when they prepare a prescription for meprobamate, because they do not have the moral stature to practice such a laudable profession. They should have the guts to go home and take their title off the wall, because they are no longer entitled to heal us.

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