Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Epistolary Debate

Photo: Generation Y

I read the first reply of Carlos Alberto Montaner to Silvio Rodriguez like I read the intelligent answers that many intellectuals often give to the defenders of the Cuban government. What I could never imagine was the reply from Silvio; it is not typical of the “representatives” of my country to respond with civilized arguments.

Since April 9, the first thing I do when I connect to the Internet – and this is quite unusual since I always open my blog first – is to see who responded to whom.  This exchange of letters has excited me to the point where I see myself “clicking” on sites I’ve banned myself from, in the interest of my mental hygiene, such as Chaos on the Web, and Rebellion. The singer-songwriter made me break the wall of my own intolerance with a simple answer, which although fanatical in its content was very open by the mere fact of its existence.

I can’t say that by closing the debate Silvio Rodriguez, former deputy of the National Assembly of Popular Power, has disappointed me. There can be no disappointment where there is no Faith. However, a naiveté long dormant in me has revived during this exchange, a pity that has been crushed by his third terse response. I looked at the computer screen and, coming back down to earth, asked myself, “How could you be so deluded, Girl? How could you believe that there could be any movement?”

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