Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lenin's birthday

Question of the Day: Did you read Fidel’s Reflection yesterday? Perhaps the commander should have a blog, on Blogspot of course, a public site, of the people, democratic, just like he’d like. I’m convinced he would stoically accept the negative comments, insults, people who never seem to understand what he’s trying to say… this way we wouldn’t have to comment on our impressions strictly among ourselves and might add compañero Fidel to the ranks of the incipient Cuban blogosphere.

But it’s not on his Reflection that I’m going to concentrate, since nothing I read surprised me, more of the same, more of what I’ve seen for some time and it seems that I will continue to see: totalitarianism, militarization, nothing about freedom of expression, or of human rights, nothing about measures to make our lives easier, nothing about an opening.

What did surprise me, however, was the front page article (the Reflection was on the second page). I can say that this time the newspaper Granma without a doubt exceeded all my expectations, I think it even exceeded the expectations of the editorial board in the movie Brainstorm… ladies and gentlemen, when Raúl Castro speaks of dialog, of political prisoners, of human rights and civil rights (albeit in a figurative sense, of course), when President Obama lifts the sanctions, when the issue of whether Cuba will re-enter the Summit of the Americas is being analyzed; Granma gives us an exclusive: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, an exceptional man.


DonnM said...

I just wanted to thank you for writing . I follow Yoanis` blog as well as her husbands religiously . Maybe I have missed it but do you have the same problems accessing the real internet as Yoani ( hotels , etc.)
I will be in Havana to be with my little family soon (cheap flight?) and would love to have a conversation . Donn

Anonymous said...

Plases send me you information OK