Friday, May 8, 2009


Taken from the saga El Ciro vs. State Security

It is but with great sadness that I must admit that everything that the tattletale Rosa Mirían Elizalde, pseudo-journalist, on the payroll of the geriatric Cuban regime says in her cyber-communist article, published on the “Cuba Debate” website, (owned by State security) is true.

I met this GoDaddy in Vietnam when we fought against Stalin's Red Army (1) and he suggested I get a website for my rock band Porno for Ricardo (2). I said "... nah, that's your shit, GoGo ...” But many years later, a friend of ours who was a Yuma resident happened by and suggested to us to set up a site where we could sell our rabid records.

Then the G2 appeared and told us we had to hang the site on one of the many Cuban servers for those purposes or they would have our PayPal service, used for collecting for the sale of the rabids and for musical espionage microphone donations, canceled. We quickly told them to go fuck themselves, and I called GoDaddy to negotiate a website for my friend. He responded that he had to consult with Google Bush because he had already sent many millions of dollars for concerts and we had spent it on trips abroad.

Finally, Googy threw us a line, not before consulting with the CIA, and our site was opened to the public in 2004. I was bothered as I observed that did not have too many visits from Cuba, since it is so easy to connect to the Internet in our country.

Years later I met Rosa Marta Elizalde and Claudia Cadelo at a party, both were ready for me, but since Claudia was better off, I did not pay Rosa María Elizalde (fat and wearing glasses) any mind and she, disheartened, threw herself from The Focsa’s 40th floor. When she reached the 15th floor, the G2 rescued her and made her into their slave.

Since then she writes awful things about Porno Para Ricardo, dreaming about the day when I divorce and run to her arms.

(1) Joseph Stalin: Communist assassin of whom Raúl Castro is an admirer.
(2) Porno para Ricardo: Best rock band in the world.
(3) El Auditorio Imbécil: Best blog in the world.

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El Auditorio Imécil is the Best blog in the world!!!

Viva Ciro!