Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Other R

When I was walking on 23rd yesterday someone gave me this bulletin.

I’m not going to transcribe the whole thing, just the part I liked best. It’s name is: The Other R Movement.

Hello Cuba:

Light up your house as a way of saying something is wrong. Have you ever wondered what would happen if for just five minutes we turned on all the lights and electrical equipment in our houses at the same time. And if all of us did this at the same time? Perhaps we could say in a simple way: Something is wrong, something has to change. Express yourself by lighting up your house, your neighborhood, on August 5 from 8:00 pm to 8:05 pm. Every day until they take us into account.

Playing with the dinosaurs by Lazaro Lopez McBean: Jurassic

When he deserted, the dinosaur was still there.

How to get to work on time by NA Tamayo

Most likely you are among the many who live in Central Havana and work in Playa, or vice versa. If this is the case (and you have the same kind of problem I have) these solutions were made for you:

1- When you get to the stop don’t ask any more who is last in line (you’ve probably already realized that nobody does that). This is a waste of energy and you’re going to need energy when the bus comes.

2- If you’re waiting for the P4 and someone asks if you’re waiting for the P4, tell them your bus is another one. So when the first P4 stops you will not have anyone behind you. Because what you are going to do is sneak in any door no matter what, preferably the doors at the back.

3- If you manage to climb in by the back doors you’ve done something very good, because then you save about 20 pesos a month. Getting on the bus by the front door only has the advantage that the bus driver may give you a chance to get off the bus at another stop different from where the bus stops regularly, that is if instead of throwing the money in the farebox you give it to him. But be careful with this money, you can be seen by another Cuban and…. you know.

4 – Make yourself comfortable in a place where no one can bother you, hit you or rob you. Then forget that you’re in the street, in the bus and there are a lot of people. Meanwhile the less you help people get on and find a place, the more time the bus loses in the first stops, and so the driver will always be worried and start to pass up the following stops, which will make the trip very fast.
Note: If you are a man never sit down, the seats are for women and for men who forgot their manners.

5- When it’s time to get off, always say the magic words but also push.