Wednesday, January 27, 2010

La Aldea Concert at the Madriguera

The “revolutionary” artists first and the protestors last is how one could describe the Sunday concert at the La Madriguera.  But it was worth it to wait four hours to hear the last three:  El Clan, Silvito el Libre, and, finishing it off of course, Los Aldeanos.

Despite the technical glitches that plague underground concerts in Cuba, the suspicious failure of the microphone and the absurd images of the presentation—in this case while playing the theme of Aldo and the B, “Las Mikies,” a karate teacher giving lessons to a baby in the snow—to hear a little music with low level caesura was like spending a week in Varadero.

Sunday I had a disagreeable day, worried and alone… but it was worth it just to see the night come.

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