Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Orlando Zapata Tamayo's Death

Video: Yoani Sánchez

This morning I called Berta, Antúnez’s sister, and she related to me the chilling conversation Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s mother, Reina, had with an official from State Security.

“Reina, I have good news and bad news.  The good: your son has been taken to a hospital.  The bad: he is very serious.”

It is cruel, vile and despicable to say that to a mother. They must be ruthless, lazy and stupid to let a human being die of hunger.  And they must be very, extremely, diabolical to take the life of a man for his principles.

In his death is all the shame of these fifty-one years the paranoid, silenced, terrorized, lost, drowned and frozen to death.  It is the howl of three generations, who were lost and who forgot about the marvelous word that contains so much: freedom.  It is the legacy of this absurdly long Cuban revolution: our principles killed, or kill he who fights for them.

Today is a day of mourning. My one desire is that tomorrow, when February 23 comes around each year in the calendar, the entire country honors it as a day of national mourning.


Giancarlo Frison said...

Memorial for Orlando Zapata. Express your feelings


Eduardo N said...

Garcia Lorca lamented Ignacio Sanchez Mejias,
of a stenching silence, of a river with sweet mists
and deep shores, of One creasing the shroud, of no one
terrifying the serpent; so now we
shout our plaint
for Orlando Zapata Tamayo, but who will hear it? Not them.