Friday, October 17, 2008

Message of Lázaro Saavedra

I don’t believe in anything, but out of curiosity I went to see a babalao [Santeria priest] who works digital Regla de Ocha [Santeria online] and asked him who had produced the memorandum for the National Council of Visual Arts, and he said:
"…Orula [a Santeria deity] says that the memorandum was produced on a computer by a user called Manele on October 16 at 1:06 p.m. with the outdated 2003 version of Microsoft Word. The user edited a second time a file entitled, "Memorandum of the Association of Visual Artists of UNEAC” [Union of Writers & Artists of Cuba] that originally contained a paragraph with four lines, five-hundred words, and whose authorship belongs to another user called Minister Y…”
Want to know more? The entire world knows where to find me when they need something, and I’m going to charge a lot because life is very rough! I don’t give three hoots about the Aglutinador* and the Council, and I don’t believe in either art or politics. I only believe in my holy mother and money. Life has taught me that the only thing of value in this world is money. That which is mine is to guide my children along the right path”.

Announcement: Visit Gallery i-Meil

Lázaro A. Saavedra González

P.S. Needless to say, if you’re going to come, you need to bring euros. I don’t want U.S. dollars because it’s the currency of the enemy. I don’t want CUC [Cuban convertible pesos] because it’s the currency of the nouveau riche, and I don’t want[(nonconvertible] Cuban pesos because it’s the currency of the nouveau poor. I want euros because Europe is the future.

Translator’s note: Click here for explanation in English of “Aglutinador

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