Saturday, February 14, 2009

Censorship, intimidation, threats and government fears

Photo: OLPL

A new email in the inbox of everyone on, but this time not from the National Council of Plastic Arts, as at the time of the exposition in the Agglutinator Space. Now they realize it’s better not to let the entire responsibility for censorship fall on a single ministry. Anyway, we all know the source of this dark claw.

Orlando has received anonymous calls all day, they even left a message with his mother: Tell him he’d better not dare to go on Monday.

Here’s the note:

I’ve heard a there’s a message circulating, by email, promoting the presentation on this coming Monday, the 16th, outside La Cabaña, of a book by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, and that it will be presented by the infamous and counterrevolutionary blogger, Yoanni Sánchez, who is well compensated by the empire.

A few months ago a photo of Pardo Lazo also circulated, masturbating over a Cuban flag, an act that outrages all the sons of this country and of other latitudes because this is an insult to a symbol of the country. His literary work is little known, however this fact was disclosed as part of the propaganda against Cuba.

Pardo Lazo has become a puppet at the service of Yoanni and her clique.

I don’t think they would carry out this stupid activity, to do so will give them a fright like that I’ve read in the “summons,” and I’ve also had news of some disagreeable surprises they are going to find there.

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