Sunday, February 1, 2009

In addition to disobedient, now he’s sexy

Photo: Claudio Fuentes Madan

These are the last two charges that the Cuban Authorities have decided to level on Gorki Águila, leader of the band Porno Para Ricardo, only this time he was joined by the bass player, Hebert Domínguez. Now they have a fine of 30 pesos each for sexual insult, the charge pertaining to Article 1, Law Number 141 in the penal code. What this means, more or less, is that if your clothes are sexy, i.e. there are sexy drawings on your shirt or trousers, or there any sexual references on your clothes, you’re guilty of an offense (which of course includes the logo of the group).

In the case of Claudio Fuentes Madan, his crime was minor: public nuisance, which refers to the scandalous images he captures with his camera at Maxim Rock or on G Street; his fine was 20 pesos.

Although my feelings towards the organs of State Security and the authorities involved in drafting and implementing the laws are not the best, I can’t avoid at least advising them to glance at the penal code: the criminal record of Gorki has come to seem a promising curriculum vitae for a punk artist.

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