Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bibliography on flash drive

I’ve always liked to read and as a teenager I’d go to absurd extremes: reading in the shower, walking in the street, in the middle of a party or a march. I no longer take it so much to heart, but it’s still an enormous pleasure for me and my friends know I enjoy it and bring me books. The bad thing is that lately I get the best books in digital format and I’m afraid that when I finally decide to pay 5 CUCs to have my vision checked, without having to wait in line for four hours, they’re going to send me off to get glasses.

However, it’s worth the cost to my pupils, what’s on the street lately is the bomb!
  • From Dictatorship to Democracy, and The Relevance of Gandhi in the Modern World, both by Gene Sharp.
  • Russia: Something Less Than Democracy, Interview with Alexander Podrabinek.
  • Live Not By Lies, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  • The Collapse of Communism, by Jakub Karpinski
  • The Law, the Opposition, Solidarity, by Marek Tarniewski [pen name for Jakub Karpinski]
  • The Purification Controversy, by Petruska Sustrová
  • Power Without Power, Václav Havel (from the book, Democratic Ideas: Guns of Liberty)
  • Democracy as a Universal Value, by Amartya Sen.
  • Do-it Yourself
  • ABC of Democracy
  • The Path of Solidarity
I don’t think I can avoid it; this year can’t end without a pair of glasses if I’m going to avoid migraines.

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