Thursday, July 9, 2009

Events in Granma

I’ve decided to subscribe to the newspaper Granma, every time I happen to see one I have the feeling that it raises the stakes. Today, for example, I discovered that the obituary was dedicated to Kim Il Sung under the ridiculous and disconcerting title of “Dear love of the people” with a small summary of his life that, when you read it, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Here in Havana they are showing two documentaries: “North Korea, access to terror” and “You love the leader above all things” which leave everyone dumbfounded. When you see them you can believe that Ramiro Valdés has emotions, that Randy has an iota of dignity, and that Fidel and Raúl are a couple of “little old men.”

After finding out that I was born on the same day Kim Il Sung left this world, I realized that he also shared his death with the first nine sites of the “People’s Camping Plan.” Any similarity to surrealism is pure reality.

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