Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photo: Leandro Feale taken from the series Objects and Portraits

Technology is becoming the most dangerous nonconformist on the Island: computers, flash memories and SIM cards are the new heroes on the State Security black list. To take out a camera in a place of conflict is becoming more difficult than shouting Down With Fidel on a bus. For the State, the Internet is not a means of communication at the service of the citizens, it is a weapon for “the counterrevolution.” We have come to a point where progress has become a risk to the status quo.

The good thing is that progress is inherent in society. As a friend said, “there is no one now who can stop it.” The cellphone ringtones passed around by Bluetooth are irresistible: El Comandante shouting, “Answer the phone for fuck’s sake!”, the music from the series Day and Night, the National Anthem, the chorus of the reggaeton song, “Si se va a formar que se forme,” recordings of the police. In short, humor and disrespect are a weapon to combat fear; and technology, the ability to laugh without looking behind you.

Here is a link to the ringtones.

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