Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog action

I dream that:

- Pablo Pacheco calls me from his house in Ciego de Avila and tells me he is free, as are all the other prisoners of conscience.

- Yoani takes a world tour and goes to collect all the prizes waiting for her without, of course, having to ask permission in advance.

- Porno Para Ricardo plays El Comandante in the Plaza of the Revolution.

- I enter my blog from a broadband connection in my house.

- I can communicate with all my friends in Cuba through Twitter and Facebook.

And in addition I repeat my demands of the previous blog action:

- The President of the Council of State and the Ministers of the National assembly all resign en masse.

- Formation of a Rule of Law and preparation of Free Elections with the participation of all parties.

- Purging of the Secret Service, Public Officials and the government organizations relating to the Communist Party.


Yaelian said...

If dreams only came true....well, some of them do...hopefully so with your dream as well, and soon!

Anonymous said...

van van maricon

John Two said...

Claudia, your dream is every bit as profound and worthy as the dream of Martin Luther King 45 years ago.