Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Demands and requests

I already said once in a post that I am a certain way: I sign whatever. I have many friends who, to the contrary, have chosen not to sign anything. For me, both are good and I think it’s the true story of democracy; everyone has the absolute and inalienable right to do what they think is right, even if they differ from the majority.

I banged on the pot, even though I didn’t like the idea very much. I am in solidarity with all who are on a hunger strike but the truth is the only thing I do is diet to lose weight and it’s a lot of work. I made my collage for June 1st and even though it didn’t take too much creativity, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos from my files and playing in Photoshop.

With my little knowledge of politics, I remember once when I was trying to figure out how many opposition parties there were in Cuba. My goal was to become a member of all of them. But in politics things are otherwise and I couldn’t manage it, such an undisciplined citizen can’t have a party, which is something a little more serious. It’s one of the reasons I have a blog, to be part of EVERYTHING that exists to demand CHANGE from the Cuban government (peacefully, of course). But in spite of my participation and my solidarity, it doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. If I’d been asked I’d have said that a week isn’t enough for all the bloggers on the Island to find out, decide, plan and find a way (this is the fundamental issue) to connect on the day of the demonstration. Because this takes time. Also, the Cuban blogosphere has another dynamic, many people read the information in “another time”; Internet time has not yet reached the shores of this country. In addition to the bloggers perhaps, all the other people who don’t have Internet have to be taken into account, the people who are waiting, at times they have to wait a little longer because in Cuba people expect to wait, because they know some day there will be a demonstration, they need time for the flash memories and discs to be carried through the streets, because our network of “hand to hand” is slow but inevitably secure and can also fulfill the objective.

Also, I believe that isolated demonstrations are less effective, I said so some time ago in one of our blogger meetings. If I’d been asked I’d have suggested we hold the same demonstration every two months, or every month, in my opinion repetition is strength and adds voices: We should bang the pots every month, we should send letter every week, you have to keep ”chipping away at it” until your goals are met, if not, it seems to me that it loses meaning.

And finally, if I were asked, my demands would be:

- The resignation of the Chairman of the Council of State and the Ministers and National Assembly as a whole.
- Establishment of the Rule of Law and preparation for free elections with everyone involved.
- The lustration—that is disqualification for public office—of the Secret Service, public officers and government officials belonging to the Communist Party.

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