Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iranian Bloggers

A few weeks ago in one of our blogger meetings we saw, via flash memory, this video about the blogosphere in Iran. At the moment I’ve given it to a video editor, a graduate of the film school, or a producer of film clips, to see if they know someone who might get excited about it and make one for us to share. Ours would probably never have the names of so many bloggers, there would be no Blackberrys on-line in the streets, and in the place of screens and fiber optic cables there would be a few CDs, some flash memories and USB ports (though they could report on the emails).

But one thing connects me to these distant bloggers, as if the cable that connects me to the network already is also in my head, they like me are young and dream of three things: HUMAN RIGHTS, FREEDOM and CHANGE.

Today at 8:20 in the morning on the Cuban television “news report” they announced “ultra-democratic and fair” elections in Iran, even showing some photos of the enraged people who support the president-elect Ahmadinejad. I knew immediately it was a lie, and left my house simply wondering: What will happen there today? The great thing about Cuban television is that it’s like a game of riddles, you have to read between the lines, refuse to accept the concepts, turn the puzzles inside out, doubt everything and know that even though it’s not true, this apparent “news” is not there for pleasure, it’s very invigorating for the intellect, the whole conjecture of National Television News.

Later I finally read the true story in Penúltimos Días (the videos won’t play for me as you already know), and yes, something happened today in Iran, but it was not a national celebration in honor of the president, quite the contrary.

I don’t know how that managed to put the photos of the party and everything on the news, and even a little close-up of Chávez, while the journalist said in voice over that the president congratulated the recently-elected government… no one knows, maybe Chávez didn’t say that (but it’s likely).

I wonder what they will say of Cubans (if they mention us) on official Iranian television, surely pictures of a happy people who adore their “president” and give their lives for the revolution is what they see of these parts. But I, from my little blog, send my solidarity and my admiration. We are many fewer, but we are also here on the Web and they give us strength.

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