Saturday, June 6, 2009

The people vs. a patrol

The Ciro and some friends went camping at Varadero. They were there a weekend and returned in an interprovincial Astro Yuton. It was only 27 Cuban pesos and the bus left them at the bus station in Boyeros, Havana.

At Tarará a two-person police patrol, a man and a woman, stopped them. They asked the driver for his papers and cited him for speeding and made him get off the bus. The passengers were left with grim faces waiting on the bus, watching through the window as the driver protested and complained about something.

Someone sounded the alarm, “They’ve taken him!” Right there everyone got off, they already had the guy inside the Lada. They threw themselves on him and pulled him out right under the noses of the police who weren’t expecting the beach rabble who wanted to get home quickly on Sunday. The cops did the most reasonable thing: flee. The poor driver was excited, telling the story in detail: the talks, threats, arrest.

People were emotional, almost all had experienced some form of harassment from the police. They decided to collect signatures (complete name and identity card number) and everyone signed, they took photos and gave everything to the rescued victim so he could file a complaint.

They arrived a little later than expected but everyone was proud, sure that the driver could say it had been the best trip of his life.

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