Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A comic based on real events

Translator's note: For technical reasons I can't figure out, the cartoon can be seen clearly on the Spanish site but not on this site.

>>Days earlier...

I challenge Agent Rodney to a duel, a verbal duel.

>>And here are the new masters of the area

If he shows up we're going to plaster him.

Just like his wife.

Come on, what are we waiting for.

>>20 November, 5:00pm 23 and G

Can someone tell me what this girl is filming.

I am Rodney.
And I am too.

Here I am waiting for Rodney.
It seems there are a lot of Rodneys in Cuba.

>>Time passes and another Geely car passes from the evil

Don't let them escape!!!

>>And also the ridiculous people come all loaded with insults.

Viva Fidel, Said Raul!!!!
They think they are the most free people in Cuba.
What was it we used to shout, Ah! Yes for the Revolution.

>>And meanwhile, they take them and put them in cars and take them to places far from this state sponsored pack of hounds.

What a pity, what an impoverished country, too bad.

Shut up, cunt!!!

>>The abducted, beaten and missing
These people don't get tired of beating us.




I'm always where the news is.

Twitter in their faces

No comment.

Newspaper text: 1987: 29th Year of the Revolution. Now we are going to build socialism

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