Thursday, January 1, 2009

Four reasons to leave a man

Photo: Claudio Fuentes

A friend comes to see me and tells me she's very upset that she had to dump her boyfriend (they’d been going out for two months). I was very surprised because until that week he’d been the perfect boyfriend, and I asked her why.

She was kind enough to write down the reasons, because she’s convinced that my house is full of microphones from State Security, so she didn’t want to tell me out loud. Here they are:

1. He’s a Fidelista, not a communist. He says Fidel is NOT guilty of everything that happens in Cuba. The fault lies with those around him who do things without telling him. The poor guy, after fifty years he hasn’t learned anything…

2. He’s a Delegate to the National Assembly from his district, but even though he doesn’t agree with the way in which “the Others” manage the country, he received construction materials to fix his house (the ends justify the means).

3. He told my friend not to complain about being required to serve more than two years of social service duty, that it was a way to pay back the Revolution for everything it had done for her.

4. When he comes over to the house, it’s always at night and when she’s already sleepy, so she asks him to make coffee. However, he’s never done it.

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