Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Declassification of PPR Archives

They’ve sold a pig in a poke to our friend the local political boss Guamá, our comrade in the PCC (Partido de la Carne de Caballo [aka “The Horse Meat Party” to you English speakers]). A Gorki (who is not the director of PPR because he knows how to turn on a computer and even has an account on Facebook) has sent him nothing more and nothing less than a communiqué, which the boss kindly published. We exonerate the boss of all guilt, so please they are not going to burn him at the stake, and I already talked to my former comrades of the G2 and all the archives will be eliminated.

According to the MINIT [Ministry of Interior] computer the information sent was a co-production between Hugo Chávez and Kim Il Sun who, as we all know, are boyfriends who communicate through Fidel Castro, who plays the role of intermediary between the living and the dead.

We apologize to all the innocent anticommunist victims who have been affected by this com-muniqué.

I take advantage of the opportunity to attach a photo of myself, which is totally beside the point but I look very sexy in it.

The Ciro.

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