Saturday, January 17, 2009

Political Economy of Capitalism

Photo: Claudio Fuentes

I have an exam coming up in this subject and these are its general objectives. I have decided to publish them to share my moral conflict of wanting to pass it, which is too large to bear alone.


1. Interpret the significance of Marxist-Leninist Political Economy as a scientific foundation for understanding of the exploitative character of the Capitalist Model of Production.

2. Develop the belief that the study of capitalism is a necessity for the construction of Socialism.

3. Explain, from the Marxist-Leninist and third world viewpoint, that the socioeconomic changes operating in contemporary capitalism don’t alter its exploitative nature, classism, and its historical trend.

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John Two said...

I'd be tempted to say there are only two countries left on the face of the earth that still believe this crap, North Korea and Cuba. But then again, saying this isn't likely to help you pass.

Seriously, how much scope might there be to question the rigid division of the world into capitalist and socialist countries, when there are only two countries (North Korea and Cuba) still practicing Marxist-Leninist Political Economy? For example, China today has an economy that is more capitalist than most European countries. So does Vietnam.

Good luck. Sounds like you're going to need it.