Monday, September 21, 2009

The day of the concert arrives

The sky clouded over about 4 in the afternoon, it was the only thing lacking for me to feel perfect. I think that Jaunes gave his concert for peace and for freedom, at least all of us who were there by our own will felt so (I know there were those who worked that afternoon from sun up to sun down and they didn’t feel free).

I liked hearing, in the Plaza, words like “change”, “the future is yours, you young people”, “Free Cuba”, “Exile”, “the united Cuban family.” Like those below, up there on the podium some were more free than others. Because freedom at times is a personal choice, some up there let it pass.

After the concert a friend told me that in any case many couldn’t take part: some were pressured, others censured, others couldn’t enter Cuba and too many suffered in prison. It’s true, but it’s also true that one swallow does not make the spring, and we couldn’t ask Juanes for the miracle of the loaves and fishes; he accomplished enough, for a few hours dying “The Eye of Sauron” white.

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