Thursday, September 10, 2009

An overdose for my grandchildren: Popularity and Best Blog

This first Cuban blog contest has been avant-garde in many things, but one of the simplest and yet the most exciting, is that it is the first time that a blogger laureate within the island can participate in the awards ceremony (without having to ask permission to leave). I refer of course to Yoani Sanchez, who has been denied the right to get on a plane five times in only two years.

Her prize for Best Blog in Spanish in the Bitácoras contest, a laptop, was the prize I received yesterday for Best Blog. Luckily Orlando Luis spoke first at the end of the ceremony and my impulse to cry passed. When I came to say a few words which I don’t remember at all, at least I didn’t pout even though later that told me I was “as red as a beet.”

A Virtual Island has been made possible thanks to the perseverance of the organizers and the solidarity that exists within the Cuban blogosphere, to all these people my thanks and admiration.


Michael said...

Congratulations Claudia. Well desrved. Keep up the good work.

John Two said...

I love reading your blog. Congratulations.

concubino said...

hey john if you can only read the comments in spanish.they are extremely funny.

concubino said...

Hey Claudia,
I wanna say it in English after said it so many times in Spanish.


DonnM said...

Congratulations ......... well deserved win , You know with this WE ALL WIN !!!!!

DonnM //

Joel D. Smith said...

From San Francisco, California, congradulations! This is one of the few blogs I read regularly, and I'm thrilled that you received this well-deserved recognition.
- Joel